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Do you know the True Faith?




The greatest catechisms in history, now in one beautiful collection.



Raymond Cardinal Burke

Prefect Emeritus: Apostolic Signatura

At the heart of the profound crisis of faith, which we are witnessing in the Church today, is the lack of sound catechesis. In the same way, sound and faithful catechesis will be at the heart of the renewal. The Catholic Catechism Index does much to hasten that renewal. May God bless the work of Tradivox and make it redound to His glory and to the salvation of countless souls.


Gerhard Cardinal Müller

Prefect Emeritus: Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Tradivox presents ancient truths easily and in a user-friendly manner, especially to our young Catholic faithful who are often desirous of knowing the depths of the Faith yet do not know where to start. Projects like this are invaluable; particularly today, at a time in which we often lack a good understanding of the continuity and stability of Catholic teaching.


George Cardinal Pell

Prefect Emeritus: Secretariat for the Economy

This collection of catechisms across the centuries known as Tradivox demonstrates the fidelity of the Catholic leadership as their bishops faithfully teach what Christ taught, preserved for us in the apostolic tradition, developing and representing this deposit of doctrine to answer new challenges and exploit new opportunities.


Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Auxiliary Bishop: St. Mary in Astana, Kazakhstan

I invite the faithful of the entire world to support this historic effort, as we seek to restore the perennial catechism of the Church. Tradivox will surely be of great benefit not only to many confused and disoriented Catholic faithful, but also to all people who are sincerely seeking the ultimate and authentic truth about God and man, which one can find only in the Catholic and Apostolic Faith.


Bishop Joseph Strickland

Bishop Emeritus: Tyler, Texas

Tradivox promises to be a treasury of truth and tradition that is desperately needed in the world today. We need to return to the basic sources and make them accessible to this generation. Too much has been lost, diminished or ignored in the haze of modernity that is nearing a crescendo of darkness in these days. The documents that Tradivox will re-introduce to the world will give clear and steady answers.

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noun | TRǍ-dǐ-vǒx

"Voice of Tradition" | Latin traditio (handing-on), vox (voice)

catechism restoration project in the heart of the Church.

Escape the confusion of our times and learn the Catholic Faith from the greatest teachers in history.

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Eight centuries of classical catechisms.
One simple, fast, AI-assisted 

Master Catechism

Church Dome

There are large numbers of Christians in our own time who are entirely ignorant of the truths necessary for salvation.

–Pope St. Pius X

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  • The Book List: The top ten best (and worst) catechisms ever printed

  • The Planner: How to read more good books (with recommendations) 

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