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SCRATCH & DENT COPY: Great for the catechist on a budget, these are copies of Volume II that have some cosmetic damage from shipment. The binding integrity is solid with the same interior, but some bumped corners and/or marring to the cover gilding may be present. Copies are sold as-is, and we are unable to accept returns of these items.

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What’s in Volume II: Along with a Foreword from Bishop Athanasius Schneider, three important catechisms are reproduced in this volume. The first is the copiously illustrated A Shorte Catechisme of the renowned Doctor of the Church and celebrated patron of catechists, St. Robert Cardinal Bellarmine (1614). It features beautifully restored woodcuts alongside a brilliant pedagogical method once considered for universal use in the Church. 


Second is the famous "Douay Catechism," properly titled An Abridgment of the Christian Doctrine by Fr. Henry Turberville (1649), which includes hundreds of Scripture references, several thorough explanations in response to various Protestant errors of the time, and a striking catechesis on the prayers of the ancient Roman Mass. 


The third is The Childes Catechism of Fr. Thomas Vincent Sadler (1678), a lovely little work offering a touching glimpse of the parental art of conversational religious instruction of children in the 17th century.

Volume II (Blemished)

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$14.98Sale Price
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