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-Bishop Athanasius Schneider

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"I invite the faithful of the entire world to support
this historic effort, as we seek to restore the
perennial Catechism of the Church."

Project Intro


"What does the Church really teach?" Many are seeking a clear and accessible guide to the Catholic Faith; both to learn it themselves and hand it on to others.


Historically, this was the role of the Catholic catechism: a concise text for the average layperson, simply restating Church teaching on matters of faith and morals as it had been handed down from the Apostles. Over the centuries, hundreds of such works were issued by various individual bishops and Church councils across the world, displaying an amazing continuity of doctrine through the ages, as an expression of the universal ordinary magisterium.



Catholic catechisms of the past millennium were remastered, republished, and indexed into a digital database. Imagine a digital doctrine expert, able to give instant answers on any point of Catholic doctrine, in the simple and concise format of a classical catechism. Imagine if Google were Catholic.


This is the future of authentically Catholic catechesis. In a confused age looking for rapid and reliable answers, this is the tool for a faith-filled posterity.


This is the vision behind TRADIVOX.

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With hundreds of hours of international research complete, the team at Tradivox is painstakingly restoring the dozens of historic catechisms we have unearthed;  freshly reformatted for publication as a multi-volume, cross-indexed collection. For some of these texts, long buried in European archives or extant only in microfilm, this will serve as their first reprint in several centuries.

To purchase these traditional Catholic catechisms, visit our store.

The doctrinal content of each catechetical manuscript is then loaded into a digital database (learn more here), to deploy as a Catholic "app" unlike any other. Think of it: dozens of Catholic catechisms, instantly searchable. The potential of this dataset is truly staggering - consistent answers to questions of faith and morals, from bishops spanning hundreds of years and thousands of miles. The "Voice of Tradition," resounding in our time.

We're making history... but we need your help!

In order to keep production costs as low as possible, we rely on the support of an international network of volunteers, as well as individual and organizational donors. Join us in this unprecedented restoration effort!

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