Tradivox, Inc. is a Catholic educational resource company incorporated in 2019, operating under the Episcopal Advisement of Bishop Athanasius Schneider as the culmination of several preceding years of international research. Our existence as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States serves our main goal of restoring Catholic religious instruction in the digital age. Our main focus is on republishing the official catechetical works of Catholic bishops from the past several centuries.


"Giving Voice to Tradition" - this is our mission and our passion. Like the traditional catechism itself, our aim is humbly and simply to echo the perennial Catholic and Apostolic doctrine; "the Faith delivered once for all to the saints." (Jude 1:3)


Issuing catechisms has long served as an exercise of the Church's teaching office, and a helpful means for articulating sound doctrine in a concise and systematic manner, especially for the laity. Furthermore, as these works demonstrate a marvelous unanimity across the centuries, they bear striking witness to the unchanging and infallible nature of Catholic Tradition. See one example here.

It is our hope that by offering an accessible, indexed collection of traditional catechisms, the beautiful continuity of doctrine found in such works will stand as a remedy for the confusion and error of our time, and as an enduring testimony to the divine mission of the Catholic Church, forever entrusted to her by Christ:

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.” (Mt 28:19-20)


The letter "T" is evocative of both our company title, Tradivox, and of the One who called himself the Truth - offering his greatest sermon on the gibbet of the "Tau," the Cross of Calvary. The tau is set in a four-corner square to recall the four Evangelists, as well as the universal expanse of the Church's mission.

Bright crimson is used to signify the Passion of Our Lord and the suffering of His martyrs, especially those of 16th century England. We seek their intercession in a particular way, and use the old English "T" in their honor; as they shed their blood in the days when the mass publication of catechisms was first beginning.


Omnes sancti Mártyres, oráte pro nobis.


Our team aims to ​place reliably Catholic catechisms within reach of every person on the planet. This work is progressing by three essential phases:



+Establish 501(c)(3) to manage international research and publication

+Compile every Catholic catechism issued with episcopal endorsement over the past millennium, targeting no fewer than thirty English texts for initial reprint

+Digitally archive high-res scans of all catechisms, employing cutting-edge OCR technology



+Review, retypeset, and reformat all manuscripts into fresh, readable copy 

+Secure private donor funding for first three volumes

+Publish first volumes in hardback
+Load in beta version of search engine

+Initiate Master Index volume with multiple indices for cross-reference



+Amplify catechism database with metadata content tagging for exhaustive cross-referencing and "see also" entries

+Engage sustainable funding model for future publication and app creation

+Scale metadata and functionality to match funding



Tradivox is working under the blessing and endorsement

of Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Astana, Kazakhstan.

Bp. Athanasius Schneider

Auxiliary Bishop of Astana

"The Tradivox project offers an excellent research tool to anyone seeking to show the continuity of Catholic doctrine over the centuries."

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Hear from Catholic bishops across hundreds of years and thousands of miles

endorsing some of the venerable catechisms included in our Index:

Bishop of Newark

Bp. James Bayley

"I am glad to hear that you intend to republish Perry's Instructions on the Catechism. It is an excellent little book. As a manual for catechists, or as a book of instruction, developing and explaining the Catechism, it is the best work of the sort I am acquainted with."

Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster

Henry Cardinal Manning

"The Catechism of Frassinetti is a good example of what a Catechist may do... I therefore very heartily recommend the use of this Catechism to the Clergy and Faithful."

Titular Archbishop of Siunia

Abp. Thomas Grace

"An Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism supplies a want which is generally felt by the clergy and others engaged in teaching Catechism. Apart from the very satisfactory development of the answers to the questions and apt illustrations of the subjects treated, the additional questions inserted in your book give it a special value."

Archbishop of Milwaukee

Abp. John Henni

"Deharbe's Catechisms, both the larger and the smaller, have for a long time been in use in many schools of my diocese... It is, therefore, scarcely necessary for me to declare that the Catholic Catechism of Father Jos. Deharbe, S.J., has my fullest approval, and that I specially recommend the same in its newly revised form[.]"

Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster

Francis Cardinal Bourne

"We cordially bless the second edition of this work [The Catechism Simply Explained], and trust that it will continue to do the good which has so largely resulted from it in the past."

Vicar of Christ on Earth

Pope Leo XIII

"This work [Catechism of Trent] is remarkable at once for the richness and exactness of its doctrine, and for the elegance of its style; it is a precious summary of all theology, both dogmatic and moral. He who understands it well, will have always at his service those aids by which a priest is enabled to preach with fruit, to acquit himself worthily of the important ministry of the confessional and of the direction of souls, and will be in a position to refute the objections of unbelievers."

Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin

Bp. James Doyle

"Nearly two centuries have elapsed since The Abridgment was first published, but the doctrines contained in it have not waxed old. They continue the same, like Christ who revealed them[.]"

Bishop of Fort Wayne

Bp. John Luers

"I have read and examined the Manual of the Catholic Doctrine by Rev. F. X. Weninger, S.J., with a great deal of pleasure and delight. I know of no work more clear and explicit, or that better meets the exigencies of the times than this; hence, I would exceedingly like to see it translated into English, and freely circulated within the diocese."

Vicar of Christ on Earth

Pope Benedict XVI

"Because of its simple, clear, precise language and effective explanations, this Pius X Catechism, as it was called, was a reliable guide to many in learning the truths of the faith."

Bishop of New Orleans

Bp. Antoine Blanc

"We cheerfully recommend to the patronage of the Catholic community the Catechism of Perseverance... a work well calculated to impart solid historical, liturgical, moral, and doctrinal instruction in an agreeable format, and being particularly well suited for the purpose of higher religious instruction in Catholic schools and academies."

Archbishop of Toronto

Abp. John Lynch

"Let Butler's English Catechism, approved by the Bishops of Ireland and long in use in this Country, be the only one taught to the faithful speaking the English language... [and] the only one authorized in the Archdiocese of Toronto."

Cardinal Archbishop of Dublin

Paul Cardinal Cullen

"I am happy to learn that a new edition of Bishop Hay's [Catechism]... is about to be given to the world. [...] I wish every success to this new and meritorious enterprise, which I trust will receive encouragement, not only in Great Britain and Ireland, but in all the vast regions where the English language is spoken."


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