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Blessing of Libraries (Latin+English)

Blessing of Libraries (Latin+English)

Protect your books with the traditional Blessing of Libraries!


Catholics have been having their libraries blessed for centuries, but the concise and powerful Roman form was not officially added to the Rituale Romanum (the traditional Catholic book of blessings) until July 23, 1924, by order of Pope Pius XI. That blessing is reproduced here without change, in both Latin and English.


INCLUDED: You will receive a PDF download of three (3) full-color designs, ready to print in 4x6" size. One is the library blessing in English, one in Latin with a serif font, and one in Latin with classical Gothic styling. Each one features a medieval manuscript detail of a monk working in his scriptorium: a place of book reading and production in the days before mechanical printing.


This traditional Blessing of Libraries can be conferred by any priest with the requisite faculties, and will look excellent framed on your bookshelf.


However, be warned—this blessing not only invokes the divine power to protect your library from fire and other dangers, but also to grow your book collection "from day to day." You may need additional shelving after this blessing. Don't say we didn't warn you!

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